The University of Sydney IT Alumni Association (USITAA)

USITAA IT Seminar - Will the Web Win?


This talk takes the listener on an insightful journey that analyses some of the for and against for using web technologies and native platform technologies in the creation of today's modern (and growingly mobile) applications. We look at the battle between native apps and the web; the broad scope of coverage that the term mobile can be taken to refer to today (including devices like mobile phones, in-car consoles, set-top boxes, surface computing); some of the more commonly used technologies that have come to support the web and native camps, as too the open/proprietary nature of these technologies; and some statistics on penetration/usage rates for browsers, browser plugins, and mobile platforms. More generally, the talk aims to help make sense of the fragmentation that has come to exist in the relatively new field of mobile computing, and to provide a review of the state of the art in creating software for mobile platforms and software that works on many platforms.

Speakers' biography

Dr. Rainer Wasinger is a postdoctoral researcher in the CHAI group at the School of Information Technologies, Sydney University. He is currently working on the Multi-Channel Content Delivery and Mobile Personalisation project, as part of the Smart Services CRC. His current research interests are in mobile and pervasive computing, context aware applications, content re-purposing, and multimodal interaction. Prior to his current position, Rainer was working at the Centre for Language Technology in Sydney, and at the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence in Germany during which time he was awarded his PhD by the University of Saarland and published the book “Multimodal Interaction with Mobile Devices: Fusing a Broad Spectrum of Modality Combinations”.

This event is sponsored by the Smart Services CRC.

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