Sydney Accelerator Network: IT

Our mission

To foster innovative research and development in ICT and to facilitate the successful commercialisation of promising ideas by promoting an entrepreneurial culture that encourages and supports start-up business activities.

Collaborate, Create and Innovate

The Sydney Accelerator Network: IT (SAN) provides a platform for students, academics, and industry practitioners to collaborate and innovate solutions to challenging problems and to pursue opportunities for creating new products and services.

By actively engaging the university community and our industry partners, SAN will initiate and advance exciting projects, with the aim of successful commercial outcomes, and utilise the expertise of participants with training and mentoring.

Equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure, the hub will provide a conducive environment for experimenting with innovative ideas and developing and testing prototype solutions.

Director of SAN:IT
Professor Joseph Davis

Deputy Director of SAN:IT
Dr Vincent Gramoli


The hub will house up to four start-up companies at any time, and will facilitate:

  • short courses, full semester units of study, and other forms of experiential training on aspects of entrepreneurship and business development;
  • opportunities to network with successful entrepreneurs, angel investors, and venture capitalists and to connect with Silicon Valley start-ups through a high profile Advisory Panel;
  • guidance on optimal team formation with the right mix of technical and business development skills and background;
  • access to advice and support from researchers and academics with relevant, specialised expertise;
  • venture and commercialisation competitions to open to select groups;
    successful capstone project teams will be invited to join the hub;
  • links and pathways to the broader innovation ecosystem in Sydney through cooperative arrangements with similar innovation centres and incubators.

Current members

Current members of SAN include:

Hireflow - An Incubate and ATP Innovations supported startup, Hireflow is a start-up aimed at providing an integrative approach to aid the hiring process.

Hireflow provides an integrative, data-driven toolset, to empower SMEs to make their own hiring decisions whilst at the same time giving them a single place to manage their entire hiring process. The three most common problems SMEs face when it comes to hiring are a lack of time sorting through applications, a lack of knowledge when hiring for certain positions, and a lack of structure during the hiring process. Hireflow solves each problem by providing an automated toolset that allows for SMEs to make objective decisions whilst at the same time integrating with the most popular job boards and HR screening tools available on the market.

CricDoc - Cricdoc aims to inject sports science and sports medicine into cricket to improve performance and reduce injuries.

The most important modifiable risk factor for injuries in cricket fast bowlers is their bowling workload. We are developing the world’s first wrist wearable that detects bowling counts and generates alerts if the bowler exceeds workload limits. This device will not only help coaches track the fast bowler’s workload but also reduce their risk of injury.

Tzukuri - designers of wearable technology, with the first product being the world’s first handmade unloseable sunglasses. At the TECH23 2014 Awards in October Tzukuri took out three major prizes - the Noah Consulting Disruption Award, the Sirca University Medal for Student-led Tech Entrepreneurship and the People’s Choice Award.

Animatives (Pty Ltd) - To help people make creative animations from their smart phones, Animatives provides a new way of storytelling. Their first app, PicPac, can be used to make stop motion videos.

Atomnaut - Materials engineering is broken. In 2014, $64 billion was spent just on semiconductor R&D. It's the equivalent of Google's entire annual revenue, $66 billion. Advanced materials is a $3.5 trillion market.

Atomnaut has built the world's first microscope that can see every atom in 3D. A 100x resolution improvement. This data transforms materials engineering from experiment based trial & error, to cheaper and faster computer-aided decoding and design. We provide B2B analytical services and design of patentable new materials - from stronger lighter metals to smaller faster silicon electronics.

Grok Learning - an online interactive platform that offers coding classes in programming languages like Python and Logo.

More information

For more information contact
The School of Information Technologies
T +61 2 9351 3423


SAN is located on Level 3 of the School of Information Technologies Building at the University of Sydney.

SIT Building